It’s that time of year again…

It must be something in the wind, but this week all I’ve really had on my mind is reorganising my things on my shelves and in storage, and getting rid of anything that I don’t need.There’s not much I hate more than clutter.

So, for the past few days, I’ve been mentally preparing myself for today, Saturday, my cleaning day. 

Turns out the rest of my family must have had the same idea, without any of us really meaning it. As I arrived home from work at 11am to start the process, I found my dad in the garden cleaning up leaves and trimming hedges, and my mum on her way out to Bunnings to buy some new paint for the front fence.

I don’t know what it is that brings these sorts of events out in people? Is it the leaves that have fallen from the deciduous trees that are making us feel like our lives are cluttered and cramped, and subconsciously this makes us want to de-clutter our lives and our homes, and have them all looking nice again? This seems to be the only explanation that I can think of that seems relevant to me. 

I feel like I have achieved so much in one day. Work. Reorganising and cleaning all my wardrobe and shelves. Vacuuming. Dyeing my hair. Whitening my teeth. Doing a facemask.

And now I have reached almost 6pm and I’ve got a few minutes to myself before I go to babysitting. 

What a productive day!


My obsession with homewares.


I have to admit, I’m a little obsessed with homewares. I’m not sure how this came about, but I think it might have something to do with my desire to move out of home – there’s nothing I would like more than to be able to buy myself an adorable Victorian house and fill it with beautiful things. It may also have to do with the fact that a few months ago I was on the Gray’s Outlet website when they were having a huge sale. I found there a variety of amazingly priced things – medium sized Chasseur roasting dishes at $10 each, a 21cm Chasseur cast iron french oven for $50, a Chasseur Cuisson Jar for $1 (thats right, one dollar), and a few utensils for $1 each as well.

I was pretty excited about these bargains – I’ve read up about cast iron cookware (I basically am an expert on it now!!) and knew that Chasseur was a decent brand (I know Mum has a combination of it and Le Creuset, both which have lasted her since she got them as wedding presents 25 years ago), and couldn’t resist to snap these up while they were available, knowing that normally the cast iron oven itself would normally cost at least a couple of hundred dollars at somewhere like Peter’s of Kensington (and RRP $349, on the Chasseur website). Even though I’m still living at home now, I know that these will be the things that I will need when I move out of home, and at that time I’ll no doubt have a million other expenses so will probably only have a couple of cheap pans (either until I can afford some nice ones or my parents kindly gift me a set, which I will admit is definitely likely). Either way, this kind of thing which isn’t really essential is a nice thing to be able to have ready when I move in, especially since I’m a vegetarian, and eat a lot of vegetarian stew/casserole-type dishes.

Yesterday, I was in Aldi buying some snow chains for my car, as they had a special deal ($39.99!). They seem like they’re a decent enough quality, basically identical to the ones I used when I was in New Zealand last year on a ski trip with my sister.
While I was there I noticed some cute as a button, Crofton-branded mini casseroles (very similar to the ones that both Le Creuset and Chasseur make) for only $1.99. So I bought two.

I figured these will be helpful just for single small meals, and at $1.99 they’re an absolute bargain, and I won’t have to worry if they get chipped or broken. Plus they’re a lovely blue colour and will match perfectly with my Chasseur things.

In actual fact, I’m a bit sad that I didn’t get more of them, I might have to go back today.

Perhaps I’ll get some of the cream coloured ones as well.


Post Two. Yoghurt.


Today I am going to share with you how I feel about yoghurt.

I love it. Whether its frozen, greek, flavoured or soy, I love it. Which is slightly difficult when you’re lactose intolerant. Anyway…

I stumbled upon an article about yoghurt on my local news website ( which then, in turn, had me flicking through to yoghurt pages around the globe.

So, it is my mission to try these two options:


I stumbled upon the frugal girl’s recipe which was hyperlinked from another blog post about yoghurt. There seem to be a few positive reviews on the ‘net, and it looks pretty amazing in The Frugal Girl’s photo above so I’m definitely going to give it a shot! The method seems easy enough and doesn’t involve one of those yoghurt making machines so I might do this tomorrow!


As I have lactose intolerance I often find it difficult to find yoghurts that I like, as there aren’t many options. Somehow I came to this recipe for a coconut milk yoghurt – it’s definitely another one that I would like to give a shot. Coconut milk seems like a healthy and tasty alternative which hopefully won’t upset my stomach, and definitely looks more yummy than the regular soy/lactose-free varieties available in the supermarket.

I will keep you (whoever you are) updated with my progress!


First (Real) Post.

I have been meaning to add a few posts so I will have to slowly update this blog until I catch up with myself!

Post One: Hair Dyes.

Recently I decided to dye my hair a bit lighter. While normally in winter I decide to mix it up a bit by cutting my hair back to shoulder-ish length (from about waist length), I had already had a haircut so had to do something else.
A couple of years ago I decided to go brunette (my hair is naturally a goldeny blonde colour). While my hair turned into a nice chocolatey colour (this was done professionally, so one would hope that the outcome was good), my family were not impressed that I had done this the day before professional family photos with our cousins from Brisbane, my grandparents and my uncle and his wife – all of whom (bar the two spouses who have married into the family) are blonde.

Anyway, since that was not an option this time around, I decided I would try to dye my hair a bit lighter, with the kits you can purchase from the chemist/Priceline/etc. I tried to do some research online, obviously confusing myself with mixed reviews about all the different products I looked at. In the end I decided on Garnier Nutrisse in Chamomile.
I thought that of all people, I would be the least likely to have any troubles with these DIY dyes as I am already a natural blonde – alas, I was wrong!
While the journey was fine, the destination was not what I was after; my hair turned into some sort of strawberry blonde/orangey/yellow mess.. however after a late night trip to Chemist Warehouse and the purchase of a bottle of toner (which I used five times that evening), my hair was basically back to its normal colour. Strike One.

Not satisfied with my attempt, one week later I decided to try again, this time with L’Oreal Superior Excellence in Alaska(?). This one was definitely the more successful of the two, with only one ‘toning’ needed to de-yellow it, however it is kind of sad that my hair doesn’t look anything like the packet says it should. My hair probably only lightened to the colour it normally is in the height of Summer, which is fairly light by all means, but not the very light colour of the packet. I know I can’t expect the exact results, however I did expect something a little closer.

How hard can it be for an already blonde girl to go a bit blonder?! Of course I really ought to whip out some hairdressing skills and go and buy the bleach and toner and whatever from Hairhouse Warehouse, but that would involve all sorts of other research and I really can’t be bothered with that just for some entertainment on these cold nights..

I guess I’ll just have to try again some time soon…


this blog.

to fill anyone who cares in on what this blog is about – absolutely sweet fuck all.

provided I actually remember to keep posting, my aim is to fill these narcissistic pages with sweet nothings; a treasure trove filled with potentially handy information about things that I’m doing, places I’ve been, things that I’ve seen…

if by chance you happen to stumble upon this exciting new addition to the wordpress world, welcome! i hope i’ve helped you in whatever you are doing, or with whatever you were searching for on google…